The Sean P. Murphy Foundation’s mission is to help families that have difficulty in continuing their children's music lessons due to a financial hardship by defraying or eliminating the cost of music lessons for children of all ages regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion. 


General Guidelines and Qualifications


1) The family must have experienced a recent financial hardship such as loss of employment, making it difficult to keep their child in music lessons


2) Child must be a citizen and a permanent resident of the United States


3) All sections of the application must be accurately completed in order to receive consideration for financial assistance. Incomplete or untruthful applications are valid grounds for denial or termination of assistance


4) Financial assistance is provided on a monthly basis, payable directly to the musical institution on your child’s behalf


5) Duration of the financial assistance is based on financial need of your family, the child’s continued interest and growth, and the instructor’s appraisal


6) Financial assistance will be provided based on the number of available positions The Sean P. Murphy Foundation can support and your child may be placed on a waiting list if there is no availability at the time of your application




Fully completed and signed applications may be scanned and emailed to or faxed to 708-469-7930.

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