Sean P. Murphy was a unique, generous, smart and talented young man.  Musically accomplished, he owned and played over 40 different instruments.  At the young age of 11, he began guitar lessons and at 15 he began taking lessons in sitar.  In 2006, at just 17, Sean was presented with a Certificate of Achievement from the Sadhana School of Indian Music for his accomplishments in sitar. 


Sean was in bands, such as Cactus Farm and Tin Lunch Box and he also enjoyed recording in other bands such as American Opera and Becoming the Archetype, to name a couple.  Venturing into the business world, Sean opened his own recording studio, Giant Robot Studios.  Production is where Sean felt his creative best and could be true to his generous nature, and he often produced for free or for a reduced rate.

In his short 23 years of life, Sean achieved many of his dreams, but there were still some remaining.  We wish to continue his legacy of love for music and generousity within the community.

We all dreamt alongside him, what the coming years would hold.  Sadly, Sean's life ended much too early at the young age of 23.  Sean lived a life true to his values and beliefs and was inspirational to many who knew him.  Just as music came so naturally, so did his generosity.


Continuing Sean's legacy of generosity and passion for music is important to us.  The Foundation’s mission is providing financial assistance for children's music lessons to families experiencing a financial hardship.


Our vision is to give young people an outlet of expression and help build self esteem and confidence so they may navigate through life’s difficult times successfully. We strive to change lives through music!